LikeS2 Community Guidelines

LikeS2 is committed to treating each user equally while allowing them to record their real lives and show them to the world. We respect the content published by our users and believe the content they created is worth seeing. Our mission is to provide users with a platform to record and share their real life. We encourage users to create original content that shares the beauty of the world with others. We hope our users see LikeS2 as a platform to transmit warmth and beauty. We want to make LikeS2 a platform that brings happiness by allowing users to interact through creative content, inspiring users with a passion for creativity and artistry. Through LikeS2, our users will have access to a warm community of friends and creators.

We value the safety of our community and always strive to protect all LikeS2 users by ensuring our content meets standards. The LikeS2 Community Guidelines embody our constant adherence to our values. In order to allow all users to freely and safely participate in the LikeS2 community, we will remove any content that violates our community guidelines. User accounts involved in serious or repeated violations will be penalized or banned. If necessary, we will report violations to relevant legal authorities and cooperate in investigations to ensure community safety.

Our community guidelines are applicable to LikeS2 users and all content shared on LikeS2. They aim to provide guidance regarding the content that may be published on our platform.


1. Violence and Violent Images

Content on our platform may not involve behaviour that can lead to the death of a victim or threats of violence in any form. We also prohibit frightening content, especially content that promotes or glorifies violence and violent images. If we discover content involving a risk of violence that may threaten public safety, we will ban the offending account. When requested, we will cooperate with relevant government authorities.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that may lead to violent acts or content that involves violence of any other form, including but not limited to:
  2. Content involving the intention to commit highly violent acts.
  3. Content containing incitement to violence.
  4. Content describing the violent or accidental death of a real person.
  5. Content describing physical violence.
  6. Content that is shocking, sadistic, or excessively vivid, making users uncomfortable, including but not limited to:
  7. Content involving dismembered or burned human or animal remains.
  8. Gory content focusing on open wounds or injuries.
  9. Content involving the slaughter of real animals.
  10. Content involving animal cruelty.

2. Dangerous People and Organizations

We prohibit individuals and organizations from using LikeS2 to promote terrorism, crime, and other behaviours that pose a serious danger to society. We will ban accounts that threaten or endanger our users or public safety. We also prohibit all content involving terrorist behaviour. Specifically, any content involving the following is prohibited: hate groups, violent extremist organizations, homicides, human trafficking, organ trafficking, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, blackmail, money laundering, fraud, and cybercrime. We will ban the accounts of terrorists, terrorist organizations, and criminals. When necessary, we will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to handle such matters.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that includes the names, symbols, signs, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, portraits, or other items representing dangerous individuals and/or organizations.
  2. Content that praises, glorifies or supports dangerous individuals and/or organizations.
  3. Content involving violent harm to personal safety, such as assaults or kidnapping.
  4. Content that may endanger the personal safety of others, such as sneak attacks.
  5. Content involving the purchase, sale, or exchange of illegally obtained goods.
  6. Content that provides instructions for criminal activities.
  7. Other crime-related content.

3. Child Abuse

Child abuse refers to physical or psychological harm caused to minors. Physical abuse is the intentional infliction of physical harm on a child. Psychological abuse is the harming of minors through the threat of physical or sexual violence, bullying, or insults.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content describing the physical or psychological abuse of minors.
  2. Content encouraging or extorting the propagation of pornography by children.
  3. Sexual content involving minors.
  4. Content including sexual or pornographic language involving minors.

4. Criminal Behavior by Minors

Here, illegal behaviour includes but is not limited to the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products and other illegal behaviour performed by minors.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content describing the use, possession, or suspicion of use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products by minors.
  2. Videos of fights or bullying primarily involving minors.

5. Illegal Activities and Restricted Items

In order to protect our community, we generally do not allow the depiction, exchange, or promotion of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, or explosives. We also prohibit content related to how these weapons are made. We will delete content that involves activities or items that are illegal or restricted in most regions of the world, even if the activities or items (such as gambling or marijuana) are legal in a specific jurisdiction.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content involving drugs or controlled substances.
  2. Content involving the purchase, sale, or exchange of illegally obtained drugs, dangerous chemical substances, and controlled medications.
  3. Content that displays firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition, or explosives.
  4. Content involving the provision, sale, exchange, or solicitation of firearms, accessories, ammunition, explosives, or information about the manufacture of weapons.
  5. Content related to gambling, gambling groups, or locations of gambling, including but not limited to slot machines and baccarat.

6. Content Safety

1. Suicide, Self-harm, and Dangerous Behavior

Users may not promote or encourage suicide or self-harm. When we receive reports of users threatening to commit suicide or harm themselves, we will take all possible measures to help them. If you see a member of our community express thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please contact us.


We will delete all content that depicts suicide or suicidal tendencies, or may encourage participation in such behaviours. This includes content involving attempted suicide or content that is characterised by someone who engages or intends to engage in behaviour that may lead to their own death. We prohibit content that in any form praises, glorifies, or promotes suicide, or teaches others how to commit suicide.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that provides instructions for committing suicide.
  2. Content that praises, promotes or glorifies suicide.


We do not allow images that depict self-harm, no matter the intention of the user in publishing such images. We will delete any content that encourages or may encourage any behaviour that may result in physical self-harm.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content involving self-harm.
  2. Content that provides instructions for harming oneself.

2. Dangerous Behavior

Dangerous activities performed outside of a special environment or without the necessary skills may result in serious injury or death to the performers or bystanders. We do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies such behaviour, including certain types of stunts.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that describes the improper use of dangerous tools.
  2. Content involving dangerous challenges that may result in injures, death, or other high-risk consequences.
  3. Content that displays the consumption of things that are not edible or drinkable.
  4. Content that displays the violation of traffic regulations.
  5. Content that shows persons, not of legal age driving vehicles.

3. Harassment and Bullying

We want users to feel safe and respected when using our platform. Users should be able to freely express themselves without the fear of being humiliated, bullied, or harassed. We understand that this type of content may cause psychological harm to users, so we will not tolerate such content on the platform.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that incites others to harass or threaten targeted individuals.
  2. Content that encourages harassing behaviours such as spamming, organized efforts to discredit or embarrass users, or attacking others outside the platform.
  3. Content that threatens others with personal injury or property damage.
  4. Content that compromises the health of the platform ecosystem.

4. Abusive Behavior

We do not permit any content that describes abuse, including but not limited to threats of violence, sexual harassment, and insults based on a person’s appearance, intelligence, or personal characteristics.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that threatens individuals with violence.
  2. Content that may cause death, serious illness, physical injury, or other harm to individuals.
  3. Content that incites violence or harassment.
  4. Content that insults individuals based on personal attributes such as intelligence, appearance, personality characteristics, or hygiene.
  5. Content that celebrates violence and slanders victims.

5. Safety of Minors (advised in consideration of the overall competitive situation)

We are committed to the safety of minors. We prohibit the publication of content that puts minors at risk. We do not allow the description or transmission of content involving the abuse of minors, nude images of minors, or sexual exploitation of minors. In addition, we do not allow content depicting minors engaging in illegal activities. In some regions, users must meet minimum age requirements to use LikeS2. When we discover underage users, we will ban their accounts.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that shows the private parts of minors.
  2. Content describing the sexual exploitation of minors.
  3. Content describing sexual behaviour involving minors.

6. Privacy Violations

Content that reveals or threatens to reveal information that can be used to identify individuals can cause serious emotional distress and lead to real-world injuries.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that discloses or threatens to disclose information that can identify an individual, including but not limited to home addresses, private email addresses, private phone numbers, bank statements, social security numbers, or passport numbers.
  1. Content involving personal information not authorized by the subject.

7. Inappropriate Content

1. Hate Speech

We do not allow hate speech to be posted or disseminated on our platform.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content involving racial discrimination.
  2. Content that incites religious hatred.
  3. Content that promotes fascism.
  4. Any language or action that promotes or gives evidence to the rejection, isolation, or discrimination against an individual.

2. Cruelty and Insensitivity

We strictly restrict content that is cruel and insensitive. This content is defined as follows: Content that targets people who have suffered serious physical or psychological harm.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Claims that such people are biologically or morally inferior.
  2. Demands or justifications that violence against such people is appropriate.
  3. Claims that such people are criminals.
  4. Disparaging references to such people as animals, inanimate objects, or other non-human entities.
  5. Any behaviour that promotes or gives evidence to the rejection, isolation, or discrimination against such people.

3. Nudity and Sexuality

We do not allow pornographic content, including animated pornographic content. There are many risks associated with sexualized content, such as legal consequences in certain jurisdictions. In addition, in some cultures, sexual content can be offensive.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Content that describes, depicts or incites non-consensual sex.
  2. Content that engages in, promotes or glorifies sexual seduction or sexual objectification.
  3. Content involving adult pornography or nudity.
  4. Explicit descriptions of pornographic works, including pornographic works involving sexual organs and sexual behaviour.
  5. Malicious descriptions of sexual behaviour or sexual organs.
  6. Descriptions of sexual fetishes.

4. Information Authenticity

Authentic content is the foundation on which we have built our community. Our authenticity policy aims to create a safe community environment built on mutual trust and responsibility among users.

5. Spam Information

We prohibit content or activities that attempt to maliciously increase the popularity of users on the platform or the malicious manipulation of platform mechanisms to increase the number of interactions.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Sharing instructions to fraudulently increase views, likes, followers, shares, or comments.
  2. Using false or fraudulent excuses to operate multiple accounts or using any other method to coordinate activities that violate platform guidelines on a large scale, including collaborative attempts to create fake activities or distribute commercial spam.

6. Misleading Information

We do not permit any misinformation that can cause harm to our community or the general public. We will delete misinformation that may be harmful to public safety. We also prohibit rumours and misleading content.

The following content is prohibited:

  • Misinformation designed to incite fear, hatred, or prejudice.

7. False Information or Policies Regarding COVID-19

We prohibit the dissemination of medical misinformation contrary to the medical information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities regarding COVID-19.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Incorrect information about treatment: claims that COVID-19 does not exist or that it is not deadly.
  2. Incorrect information about prevention: claims that it is not necessary to protect against COVID-19 or false information about preventive measures.
  3. Incorrect information about the spread of the disease: claims that any group or individual has immunity to the virus or that the virus cannot be spread.

8. False Identities

We encourage users to use their real ID information to use our platform. We believe that, when users use their real IDs, they will be more conscientious about their statements and actions. In addition, this will create a community environment based on mutual trust and mutual responsibility. Therefore, we do not permit users to use our platform in a fraudulent manner or for the purpose of committing fraud.

Specifically, it is forbidden to log in to the platform using a false name or age or create accounts using false identities.

The following content is prohibited:

Using false information or stealing other people’s identities (including profile pictures, videos, and text) to impersonate others when publishing content.

9. Intellectual Property

We encourage everyone to create and share original content. We do not allow users to post or distribute content that infringes on the copyrights or intellectual property rights of others.

The following content is prohibited:

Content that infringes on the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights of a third party.

If you see content or behaviour that may violate the LikeS2 Community Guidelines, please contact us so that we can promptly take appropriate measures to maintain the safety of our community.

Contact us at :

Users who commit the above-mentioned violations will be banned from certain functions or prohibited from interacting with others. LikeS2 will officially ban the accounts of users who commit serious or repeated violations and prevent these users from using LikeS2 in the future.

LikeS2 officially reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and the right to modify and publish these guidelines.

These guidelines will take effect from the date of publication.

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